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Serra da Mantiqueira

The Great Mantiqueira Mountains

At the Hotel the slopes of Serra da Mantiqueira share several roads including the old Estrada Real, that stretches more than 5 miles. Get out and discover breathtaking views, secluded nooks in the woods and countless hikes - from simple walks to challenging climbs on our 30 acres.

The Splendor of the Valleys

Snuggle up into the sauna together – gazing out the vales. Enjoy our fireplace and a drink in the Darci's Bar happy hour. Play tennis, volleyball, basketball, and soccer. Walk along moss-lined trails — underneath 15m blooming araucarias that span closing overhead like a cathedral ceiling.


The Colonial Essence

Inside our sophisticated rustic architecture discover quiet corners to curl up with a book, play pool, cards, or chat with other guests. Our hotel also offers numerous amenities including fitness room, massage therapy.

The Hotel Serraverde History
Helio Sarmento

Founded by journalist Helio Sarmento in 1979, The Hotel Serraverde was built by the architect Luiz Gustavo Paschoal, who was the creator of various famous buildings which expertise was hotel and country colonial homes. Helio bought the property in 1976. Located at the mountaintop that was a pilgrimage site of the Catholic Church which had a cross as a landmark and also has the Royal Road that was a passage for adventurers and famous explorers kings and princesses.

In 1980 a crew and a bulldozer began work on the roads around the property which was carefully designed to maintain the existing reliefs. The 60,000 native tree seedlings were replanted, which today, is the vegetation area of the property.

Frente do Hotel Serraverde

Carlos Andre, Helio’s son manages the day-to-day operations at the Hotel until 1979, when Helio passed, his son continued to make this place a charming haven.